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The LINO Life – Wheel Addicts

The LINO Life – Wheel Addicts

About The Lino’s

Ricardo Lino

My name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a Wheel Addict with over 30 years wheel experience.  It all started in Portugal…  I was 2,5 years old and tried on a pair of skates and loved it!  From Portuguese speed skating champion several times to a professional freestyle skater, I have never stopped skating.


Then A LOVE STORY started…  I met my wife Janice and left everything behind in Portugal and moved to South Africa to be with her.  We were then blessed with our gorgeous little daughter Jaylin.

Together we are THE LINOS and we love skating way too much!


Janice Lino

I was born and raised in Cape Town.  I spent most of my 20’s living and traveling around Europe.  In 2008 I moved back to Cape Town and restarted my life here.  Ricardo was in Cape Town for 1 night to watch the Nitro Circus. We both randomly ended up in Deco Dance in Sea point that night where we met.

Ricardo flew out back to Europe the next day and we kept in touch by phone. A few months later I went to Europe on holiday and met up with Ricardo in Portugal for 3 days.   He then came back to Cape Town to stay by me for a week. After which he moved down a few months after…

What is life like being a mom and wife?

They both are very challenging hahahha… Mom life changes weekly, some good, smooth sailing weeks where I feel I am winning mother of the year award. Then other weeks the storm hits and I just hope to get a few hours’ sleep in.


And then of course there is Ricardo… being a big child himself with a huge imagination and a lot of crazy ideas (which I always support and only question after.,..) But wouldn’t change a thing and feel very blessed!

What do you guys love about skating?

It’s something we enjoy do as a family, which keeps us fit and gets us out and about meeting new and fabulous people.


When do you guys skate?


Ricardo obviously skates more often than me. After having Jaylin, her health and the weather plays a big role in when I get to skate as we skate outside mostly in the evenings.

We have a “skate night” on Thursdays on the Sea point prom.  It’s just a nice sunset cruise where all skaters are welcome. We normally tell beginners to join us there where we show them the basic moves.

This is our Thursday evening skate night on Sea Point Prom. All skaters are welcome. We meet at the Pools around 6.30pm and skate down to the light house in Mouille Point and back!



I skate every Tuesday evening, we have more “aggressive” inline skate night. We either go to the Shred indoor skate park or the new Battery Park at the Waterfront.  Other than that we often arrange little skate morning or evenings or join up with other events like Open Streets Cape Town.

This is the Tuesday evening aggressive skate night. Aggressive skating is the term they use for skating parks. You skate rails, ramps, learn new tricks and jumps etc.

What are the benefits of skating?

It’s the best form of cardio and better on your joints than running.  It’s a sport that you enjoy, it’s stress relieving and just good for the soul…

Who should skate?

Anyone and Everyone!!!  Starting age normally after 3 years old. And you’re never too old to learn!


The Lino Skate Shop

Our little shop with a lot of skate knowledge and passion



Living here I realised you couldn’t get descent skates anywhere and decided to bring some into the country so we could share our passion with the rest of our friends.

Skating then started to take off and more people were looking for skates so we started to expand. The SHOP originally opened in 2016 inside a local skatepark in Cape Town, but in 2018 we expanded to online sales and we’re now also trading on Takealot.

All our stock is of the best quality.  We stock 2 International brands:

Powerslide and Micro.

Our new business address is in Montague Gardens, please check out our listing here:




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