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Starting Point Health Bar in Centre Point is the FIRST TO LAUNCH RECUP in Cape Town!


RECUP is a coffee-cup deposit system.

Pay R20 deposit for any size RECUP. (Lids are sold separately for R29 and is yours to keep). When you return your RECUP you will receive your R20 deposit back or return your dirty RECUP and we will make you a coffee in a clean RECUP.


~ Your “paper” take-away cup is lined with 100% polyethylene (plastic) on the inside to prevent it getting soggy. This makes it very hard to recycle, and therefore most are sorted for dumping in a landfill.

~ There is enough plastic in a regular size take-away cup & lid to make EIGHT STRAWS!! Enough plastic in 10-15 disposable cups & lids to make one small RECUP.

~ Compostable does not mean biodegradable: If your compostable “eco-friendly” take-away cup is not separated and put in a commercial composter – it will NOT degrade and just sit there. They are not compostable on the ground like an apple-core.

~  RECUP’s are reusable up to 1000 times, and dishwasher safe. They are fully-recycled at the end of their life and will never end up in a landfill.



But it’s PLASTIC Tammy?!?!

Plastic is the most durable, reusable material, requiring the LOWEST CARBON FOOTPRINT to manufacture (vs glass, metal, ceramic etc), and is fully recyclable at the end of its life.




As an ECO-WARRIOR and a firm believer that we can make a huge impact on our environment if we just start, I would like to offer a R5 discount on all our Truth Coffee Roasting coffee when you order with a RECUP.


This is currently the biggest discount in Cape Town. I am calling all coffee cafe’s in Cape Town to do the same, get RECUP onboard!  It is such an affordable solution for consumers and business cafe owners.


Let us reduce our single-use coffee cups TOGETHER!!!





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