Anthropology is a Direct Marketing consultancy based in Cape Town. In a world inundated with in-your-face messaging and interruption, we believe a well-timed whisper is more powerful. As a business we strive to awaken the brands we work with, to see the living humans who make them who they are.


We believe in the power of using data to market more effectively, but we don’t believe it needs to be a confusing mystery that is difficult to attain and quantify.


Our platform holds 52million historical human profiles of which 15million are verified and economically active. This data is continuously tested and refined to best identify triggers that influence your customers to engage and take action. We use our wealth of historical and current data to identify your exact consumers, target them via the most appropriate medium (Email or SMS), at the lowest possible cost to drive the results you need.


We work with a wide range of companies from the biggest banks to the smallest family owned businesses. We can reach your perfect customer based on their demographics, location (down to street level) and buying behavior.


Meaningful marketing has to be born out of really understanding whom you are speaking to and what makes them tick…


The study of humankind… this is what we are all about.




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