Halloween Spooktacular Event

Halloween Spooktacular Event

A local community Spooktacular Halloween Event was hosted by Find It Local – Milnerton & Surrounds for Milnerton Neighbours – Find It Local members, their families as well as for the surrounding local communities.   

The event was held on the 31st October 2019 at Center Point shopping Mall in Milnerton.  

Why do we host Community Events?

The Importance of Community Involvement through local events

Think about the last event you attended. Did you have fun and meet new people? Events connect people to other like-minded individuals who share the same passions as themselves, and they are an awesome way to celebrate the amazing community you live in.

The goal is to connect the community we serve through one to one interactive opportunities

We utilize our social media platforms and rely on our community members to assist us with networking and marketing our events. The larger the numbers of attendees to our events, the more revenue we can help provide to the vendors who are marketing their products and services at the event. Our event sponsors also then receive increased value from exposure of their brand to the larger number of attendees.

Plus, lots of people gathering for a like cause always equates to everyone having a good time!

The importance of community involvement

We believe community involvement is so important!  Being involved with your community is all about building relationships:  with local businesses and business leaders and most importantly, with your neighbours!

Our Halloween Theme

Last year we hosted an informal Halloween event which was held in the car park next to the Milnerton Library. The feedback received after the event was positive!  This year a few neighbours in our community group requested that another event be hosted for the community. 

Our Venue

A public event, Trick or Treat Spooktacular Halloween Party, was created and shared within our local community groups.  

At first the idea was to host the event at Pienaar park, similar to the set-up our Events Committee organised for our community Easter Event earlier this year. 

However, after some consideration with regards to unpredictable weather conditions, issues with logistics (delivery and collection of tables after-hours), the absence of ablutions and our guests not being able to walk the distance between participating houses, I decided to rather pitch the idea to Centre Management at Centre Point and ask them to consider allowing us to host the event at their mall.  They agreed and offered their full support.

Find It Local is active in promoting, marketing, advertising and supporting local business within local communities.  The newly established Centre Point offered safe and free undercover parking, ablution facilities, friendly and ample security, a gorgeous open and covered space to host the event, a coffee shop & restaurant as well as a health bar.  Local business would benefit and our guests would be safe & comfortable.

I suggested providing indoor entertainment for the kids in the form of Trick or Treating at all 24 shops within the mall.  To secure their buy-in, I created and distributed an Event proposal pack which was emailed to every store in the mall providing them with details of how they could participate and benefit.  Each store would receive a shop-front A2 poster, 200 – 400 sweets which would be handed out to the kids Trick or Treating on presentation of their store voucher, face-painting for their staff and advertising of their business in our event promotion. 

11 out of 24 stores participated in our event.  7 stores contributed R300-00 each towards the event costs and Mowana Properties (Center Point) donated an additional R3500-00 towards our costs which was allocated towards a second face-painter, promotional printing, sweets etc.


Team Anysberg Biltong & Deli handed out biltong treats to the kids!


Centre Point Participating Stores:

Ignite Gym

Starting Point

Coffee Café

The Crazy Store

Mediterranean Barber

Hashtag Colour Lounge

City Mobile

Just Property



Anysberg Biltong & Deli


Sponsors & Contributors

Our local creative genius, Ivan du Toit from Ivan Design, designed our artwork for the event. Once the event was published, I posted regularly in our community group requesting assistance and our neighbours and local businesses started contacting me with their wonderful offers of donations or sponsorship.  As and when donations and sponsorships were confirmed with me, the event was updated with sponsor details.

130 guests attended the Halloween Event last year, catering for 200 guests for this years event seemed reasonable.  We ran out of 200 party packs and vouchers within 30-40 minutes of our guests arriving!   We estimate that we had at least 300+ guests attend the event!  As this was an open and free event, it was difficult to be in a position to cater for everyone.

Feedback I received from the participating stores was so positive and they were thrilled with the boost of traffic through the mall as well as the amazing energy and vibe created by our Trick and Treaters!


The Event

The most exciting part of any event is the set-up in preparation and anticipation of our guests arrival! Local neighbours Anya Ragallar and Florian Georgian Nita assisted me with setup and coordination on the day.  Set-up began early in the morning, posters were collected from the printers in Maitland and tables and tablecloths were collected from local neighbour Trish Beard.  Florian printed and collated vouchers and I packed candy bags for the stores the night before so all that was required was to setup tables and pack 200 candy bags with sweets and nicknaks.  Shameem from Centre Point Management distributed the pre-packed candy bags to the stores, Halloween buckets and posters.  Additional Posters were also put up at the mall entrance and parking entrances so that guests could find us easily.

Anya and Florian started packing candy bags, Darryl Fowkes from Foxglove arrived to set-up our gorgeous Halloween themed décor, Peter Charalambides from The Donut Center organised the delivery of 250 fresh donuts, Desiré Dasopatis from Tessa’s Bakery delivered 200 of the most amazing Halloween themed cupcakes, candy-floss, jelly beans and juices and our talented face-painters arrived to set up their work-station. 



Activities & Entertainment

Before we knew it, our guests started arriving to have their faces painted which had been booked from 3pm – 6pm.

On arrival kids received a voucher pack.  These included vouchers with logo’s for each store participating in the Trick or Treat, a voucher for a candy bag filled with niknaks and sweets, and a themed Halloween cupcake from Tessa’s Bakery.  Juices were handed out to the younger kids. 

Anya took on the job of packing and handing out the donuts to our adult guests, Florian handed out cupcakes,  Lieselle (a friend of Florian) assisted at the main table handing out vouchers to our guests as they arrived.

Although I provided a list of guests names of those who had responded to a post in our community group to reserve vouchers for the event, there was some confusion.  As guests arrived their names were ticked off the list and they received their vouchers.  Unfortunately those who had responded “going” on the event post on Facebook, some of our guests assumed that this was confirmation that their vouchers had been reserved.  To avoid futher delays and confusion, vouchers were then quickly handed out on a first come, first served basis.  Florians list requesting guests to proivde personal details as confirmation of receiving their vouchers was also dismissed.



Best Dressed Competition

At 6pm Florian and Anya judged and awarded prizes to the best dressed entrants in various age categories.  Around 6-30pm a map with street names and house numbers was handed out to everyone who wished to take part in the community street Halloween Trick or Treat.  

Thank you to all of our home-owners who offered to participate and hand out sweets.

Anya kindly offered to judge our best decorated houses after the event and the winner was announced in our community group the day after the event.  Well done to our winner Kerry Ann & Michelle Mccann who won 2 Memory foam pillows sponsored by Peninsula Bed Sales in Montague Gardens.

The feedback received during and after the event was incredible!  Special thanks to every single one of our community members and local businesses who assisted and contributed to the success of this event. 

And a very special thanks to everyone who put so much effort into dressing up and showing up!



Event Sponsors & Contributors

Local Business/Neighbours – Cash Donations

VisaBox South Africa – https://www.facebook.com/VisaBoxSA/

Clayheart Ceramics – https://www.facebook.com/Clayheartceramics/

The Tax Shop Accountants – https://www.facebook.com/TheTaxShopCapeTown/


Anonymous (GB)

Local Business/Neighbours – Payment donations to suppliers

Alera Healing – https://www.facebook.com/alerahealing/

The Day Boutique  – https://www.facebook.com/thedayboutiqueevents/

Anonymous (AR)

Reezah Petersen

Local Business – Event Contributors

Ivan Design  – Artwork Posters & Event Cover  – https://www.facebook.com/id.ivandesign/

The Rose Café – 200 x candy bags – https://www.facebook.com/therosecafeflorist/

Foxglove Studio Canal Walk – Themed Décor – https://www.facebook.com/foxglovestudiocpt/

Joshua Rubin  – Photography – https://www.facebook.com/South-African-Stories-112598156835572/

Banks R&L Hiring – Chairs and Easles/Boards – https://www.facebook.com/Banksrlhiring/

The Donut Center Canal Walk – 250 Cinnamon Donuts – https://www.facebook.com/thedonutcentercanalwalk/

Tessa’s Bakery  – 100 x themed Halloween cupcakes – https://www.facebook.com/TessasBakery/

Tessa’s Bakery – 75 x Juices & 4 bags Jelly Beans

Caring Candies – 4kg Sugar-Free Candy – https://www.facebook.com/CaringCandies/

Gerhard Stander – 150 Niknaks

Brands & Blends – 150 Lollipops – 

Latiefa’s Food – 150 Niknaks

Starting Point – Tables – https://www.facebook.com/firststartingpoint/

The Donut Center Canal Walk – Tables

Shameem Visagie – Tables

Trish Beard – Tables and Tablecloths

Leigh Wadeley – Sweets

Jana Marshall – Sweets

Lieselle Shield – Sweets

Nicolette Pierce – Sweets

Florian Georgian Nita – Voucher printing & collating

Prize Sponsorship

Nando’s Milnerton – Meal Vouchers x 10 – https://www.facebook.com/NandosMilnerton/

Michelle McCann Photography – Photography Vouchers x 2 – https://www.facebook.com/michellemccannphotography/

Samantha Liang Cake Artistry – Gift voucher – https://www.facebook.com/samanthaliangcakeartistry/

Tessa’s Bakery – Halloween Kits x 3 – https://www.facebook.com/TessasBakery/

City Sightseeing – Harbour Family Cruise – https://www.facebook.com/CitySightseeingSouthAfrica/

Beautified – Gift vouchers x 4 – https://www.facebook.com/beautifiedmilnerton/

Be the Change Coaching – 2020 Diaries x 5 – https://www.facebook.com/BTCCoachingColletteMerritt/

Peninsula Bed Sales – Memory Foam Pillows x 2 – https://www.facebook.com/BedFactoryCT/

Avroy Shlain – Hampers x 4 / Perfumes x 5 – https://www.facebook.com/AvroyShlainSouthernAfrica/


Huge thanks to our members of Milnerton Neighbours – Find It Local, our local and surrounding community groups & local business owners who contributed towards the success of this amazing event!


To ensure transparency, sponsors and donors are welcome to email info@finditlocal-milnerton.co.za for a copy of the reconciliation of income and expenses,  including invoices/receipts for this community event.

Should you wish to join the Events Committe for 2020 please email info@finditlocal-milnerton.co.za for more info.



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