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Family Easter Fun Day

Family Easter Fun Day

Milnerton Neighbours – Find It Local set up an events committee for the purposes of planning and organising structured community events for the Milnerton community.

Essentially our aim is to provide opportunities for community members to meet and engage with one another socially, and with some of the events we organise, combine them with fundraising initiatives to assist the many deserving charity organisations serving the community.

The Team

The community events committee got together on Sunday, 31st March to plan the first event for the year.  The committee members who volunteered and put this event together were:

The Events Committee

Claudine Willatt-Bate

Cindy-Anne de Swardt

Maritza Wallace

Melanie Reeks

Jaydee Van Rensburg

Our on-the-day volunteers:

Alison Wright, Charlene Willatt, Basil Davis & James de Swardt


The First Meeting

Jaydee (PR for Hirschs Milnerton) organised our meeting venue at Hirschs and Margaret Hirsch, COO and owner of Hirsch’s gave us a very warm welcome!  Jaydee made sure we had coffee on tap and Claudine organised a few treats for our meeting.


Maritza, Cindy-Anne, Melanie, Karen, Margaret, Jaydee, Claudine


Our meeting was so relaxed and we spent a fair amount of time just getting to know one another and discussing the various events we could host.   We eventually decided that the most suitable date for our event would be Sunday,14th April 2019, the weekend before Easter.  Claudine took minutes and we managed to put together a basic event planning check list and guideline by the following Wednesday. This left us with 7 days to plan and organise this event, but we were determined to make it happen!


Our Sponsors

Our local businesses and neighbours did not disappoint!  Most of those who were approached stepped up and did not hesitate to jump in and help out with cash donations or to assist us with some aspect of the event.

We raised R4250-00 in cash donations in just a few days and secured free or discounted products/services from various sponsors:

Cash Donations:

Leapfrog Milnerton

MCRA (Milnerton Central Residents Association)

The Paddocks Shopping Centre

Alison Thomson Physiotherapists Inc


Reezah Petersen

Ronan Hall




Sponsors who contributed their services or products at no charge:

Growing Pro’s (kids activities)

Print-Tag – The Paddocks – (printing)

Hirschs Milnerton (still water & Jumping Castle)

Flowers Atlantic Florist (helium balloons)

Lindsay Pentz Promotions (branded Caps and T-shirts)

Banks RNL Hiring (tables & chairs)

Alison Thomson Physiotherapists Inc (still & sparkling water)

Royal Ascot Superspar  (Easter Eggs)

Milnerton Crime Watch (security patrol)

Adam Osrin (photography)

Anonymous (Ice-creams)

Cindy-Anne organised a generator on loan for the jumping castle and Melanie ensured we had gazebo’s for cover.


Cupcake Sponsors:

Elana Wright

Samantha Liang

Michelle Deans


Cherry Bomb Creations (Cindy Beetge)

Other sweet treats were sponsored by:

Tamy Cupido (Beautifully packaged Easter themed Iced biscuits & 100 packets of Niknaks)

Cheryl – Easter Eggs

Sponsors who discounted their services/products:

The Donut Centre – Canal Walk

Hirsch’s Milnerton (Still water)

Mezmeric Face Painting & Glitter Co

Madcaps Fancy Dress Hire (bunny suit)

The Linen Corporation (tablecloths)




Other contributors:

Nando’s Milnerton sponsored 100 x R50 meal vouchers for our treasure hunt competition and organised their mascot Nando’s chicken to entertain the kids.

Coffee Cafe provided the mobile refreshments van.




Our Planning

The committee members took responsibility for certain aspects of planning and organising and everyone kicked into “mad-rush” mode instantly!  We set upa watsup group to ensure that we could communicate with one another anytime!

We relied heavily on our community group for donations and contributions and posted frequent requests for help.

Needless to say, we received amazing support from both our local businesses and neighbours!

Although we posted the event invitation in our community group, we did not have much time to advertise to ensure that we had a good turn out and we had no idea how many people would actually arrive to support the event.  We based our assumption on replies to a post in our group asking who would be interested and decided to cater for 120 kids and 80 adults.



Claudine approached our local Ward 55 Councillor Fabian Kevin Ah-Sing who promptly assisted us via the correct channels and organised permission for us to utilise the park in Pienaar road as our venue for the afternoon.  We were given permission to host up to a maximum of 200 guests and we were thrilled when Fabian told us that he would love to attend the community event as well, which he did!

Most of the committee members have full time jobs, but that did not deter them from putting in the hours and hard work (and fun!) it took to prepare everything at such short notice!


Maritza, Cindy-Anne & James working really hard to get 120 packets of popcorn ready!


The fruits of their wonderful hard labour…!


Claudine made up entrance and exit signs, chatted with neighbours in Pienaar street to let them know about the event and possible noise we would expect to have in the afternnoon of the event and organised all of the tickets for the kids and parents to redeem on arrival.  Cindy-Anne organised some cute décor for the venue as well!

A slight Oops!

As with most events, there is always something that will inevitably NOT go according to plan….  The night before the event we discovered that our bunny suit had not been collected on time and that our supplier would be closed the following day!  We panicked and then laughed… an Easter party without an Easter bunny was not an option!  Everyone jumped in and we came up with Plan B, but thankfully Claudine miraculously arranged with the owner of Madcaps in Parklands to open up shop for Jaydee to collect his suit early on Sunday morning…


Jaydee showing us proof that he had it covered…..


On The Day

We woke up to gloomy skies and rain, but we had always anticipated light morning showers and sunny skies after 11am, however, during setup it was decided that we would not set up the jumping castle just as a precaution as we could not risk the motor or generator being damaged by the rain.  Thankfully the weather turned out beautiful for the rest of the afternoon and everyone enjoy the warm afternoon sun!


Cindy-Ann, Melanie & Claudine



We were so excited to see our guests start arriving just before 12pm, the kids were handed out a little pack of tickets each to redeem for a cupcake, bottled water, popcorn & ice-cream and our moms, dads and grandparents were given a delicious donut to enjoy with their coffee.



Our enthusiastic little helper James (Cindy-Anne’s son) rushed around the park hiding 240 marshmellow eggs for our hunt and our Easter Bunny and Nando’s chicken mascot tried their best to find a good hiding spot before the kids arrived!


James de Swardt


The Treasure Hunt

Everyone who had entered the Nando’s treasure hunt had to find the Easter Bunny and whisper the answer to a competition we had hosted a few days before the event in the community group, they then received a R50 Nando’s voucher!  We handed out 75 vouchers in less than an hour!





Just hanging out…



Our plan was to encourage kids to play and have fun and after completing an obstacle course managed by the amazing Marcelo Rossi from Growing Pro’s, they would receive a goodie bag with more Easter Eggs, sweets and an Easter themed iced biscuit, a packet of niknaks and a small bottle of bubbles to play with!

It didn’t quite work out that way, the kids didn’t need any encouragement to have fun, play and collect their goodie bag!

Just Fun and Games!

We bought a few hoola hoops just in case the kids needed more entertainment and we just loved that this fabulous mom took the lead to show us all how it was done!  Well done mom!



Sugar Rush!

Here are a few of the amazing variety of cupcakes which were all delivered to the venue by our amazing neighbours who baked and sponsored them, the kids absolutely loved them!




Creating a little Magic!

Mezmeric were hired for the full 3 hours of the event to create magic for our little (and big) guests… – this was definitely one of the top highlights of the event and every single child (and adult!) who waited patiently to have their faces painted got it done!




Just another fun family Sunday…

These gorgeous furbabies were brought to the park by their mom and dad for their usual park run, they weren’t too fussed by all the attention and were so well behaved!


Thank you!

We estimate that, in spite of the cold and wet weather, +130 guests attended the event.  It was a huge success and everyone had so much fun!

We would like to thank our sponsors who contributed and supported us and also a huge thank you to every single one of you who supported the event and showed up!

We absolutely loved meeting the faces behind the names and we all made some great new friends!

None of this would be possible without the hard work of our dedicated committee members who assisted with this event and put in so much effort and hard work, thank you so much for everything you did behind the scenes to make this event the success that it was!

What’s next?

Our team will meet again soon to start planning our next exciting community event and we hope to see you all there!  Look out for our posts in the community group Milnerton Neighbours – Find It Local!

The Importance of Community Involvement through local events

Think about the last event you attended. Did you have fun and meet new people? Events connect people to other like-minded individuals who share the same passions as themselves, and they are an awesome way to celebrate the amazing community you live in.

Our goal is to connect the community we serve through one to one interactive opportunities.

We utilize our social media platforms and rely on our community members to assist us with networking and marketing our events. The larger the numbers of attendees to our events, the more revenue we can help provide to the vendors who are marketing their products and services at the event or the more revenue we can raise to assist a fundraiser for a local charity we may be assisting. Our event sponsors also then receive increased value from exposure of their brand to the larger number of attendees.

Plus, lots of people gathering for a like cause always equates to everyone having a good time!

Importance of community involvement

We believe community involvement is so important!  Being involved with your community is all about building relationships:  with local businesses and business leaders and most importantly, with your neighbours!

Let’s serve, connect, and celebrate our amazing community together.

If you would like to volunteer your time towards helping us create magic at our next community event, please get in touch with us!  We would love to hear from you!

We already have a few local businesses who have offered to assist us with our future events, if you would like to contribute or participate in our next event, please let us know!

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